Tasks are useful to indicate what needs to be done. You can use it for CRM purposes to follow up on important leads, remind yourself of vehicle MOT's, remind yourself to update the contract of your crew member, or prepare a list of tasks for your crew. Rentman's notification system ensures that you won't forget a task.


Examples of tasks

  • Projects: Contact customer X days before the project to check in on their wishes.
  • Projects: Ask for customer's feedback X days after the project has ended.
  • Contacts: Check in with an important lead to keep the contact warm.
  • Vehicles: Bring to garage for yearly MOT.

Add a task

Tasks can be added in the Equipment, Contacts, Crew members, Vehicles, Subrents, Invoices and Repairs modules.

  1. Go to one of the modules, and click the Widgets button Widget.png to open the Widget sidebar.
  2. Select an element from the module.
  3. Next to Tasks, click the __2.png button to add a new task.
  4. Configure your task options.

The Tasks module

The Tasks module provides an overview of all tasks in Rentman. In the Filter sidebar Filters.png, you can filter your tasks and make selection presets. For example, you can choose to only show completed tasks, or only show tasks for you.

Add a task in the module

  1. Click Add to add a new task.
  2. Configure your task options.

Use tags, filters and presets

  1. Open the Filter sidebar Filters.png.

Select a display period
This determines and how far back/forward in time tasks should be displayed.

Select tags
If you've added tags to your task, you can select them here to filter by them.

Apply filters
Click the __2.png button to add custom filters. Useful filters are:

My tasks
Not completed
Public (yes/no)

Save selection as preset
You can save your sidebar configuration as a (new) preset. This allows you to quickly switch between different presets within the Tasks module.

Task options

Task name
Enter a name for this task.

Choose a deadline. If the deadline has passed and the action hasn't been completed, it will turn red.

If you select this box, everyone in your Rentman account can see this task.

Crew members
If you do not select Public, you can choose which crew members should see this task.

Add more information about this task in this field.

Add tags to your task. You can filter through your tasks by selecting tags in the Filter sidebar. A few useful examples of tags are: Preparation, On_location, In_warehouse

Add a note to your task.

Automatically add tasks to a new project

By using project templates, you can automatically add a list of standard tasks to a new project. This is useful to improve your project management and save time for setting up new tasks for new projects.

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