Important: The Warehouse module in the Rentman App not been released yet, and Zebra scanners cannot be used with the Rentman App at this moment. We will update this article when the new version of our App has been released, and we will announce it on our Product Updates page.

Zebra scanners allow you to scan QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes, and feature an easy-to-use packing list on the screen. A mobile Warehouse module for the Rentman App (Android & iOS) is being worked on, and will operate on Zebra scanners and your own smartphone. In this article, we provide more information about where to buy Zebra scanners.


Zebra scanners

Zebra scanners have a touchscreen and operate on Android. Just like on your smartphone, you can download our Rentman App from the Play Store. Zebra scanners use their built-in scanner to scan QR codes, barcodes or RFID codes - smartphones use their own camera for this.


With the Zebra scanner you can make rounds in the warehouse with a packing list on the screen. You can easily book items in and out by scanning them, and process any feedback directly on the screen.


Whilst we make the Rentman App, we don't supply Zebra scanners directly. We've partnered with Indicium, a Dutch supplier that offers Zebra scanners for a discounted price. Note that shipping costs may vary per country, and that there may be other suppliers of the Zebra scanners. We do not, however, have any experience with other suppliers.

Read more about the products on offer at Indicium on this page. Not all scanners may be shown at this time.


Our partner Indicium offers the scanners for the following prices:

Zebra scanners

  • Zebra TC20 (WiFi) for €327,00
  • Zebra TC25 (WiFi+4G) for €391,00


  • Holster for €49,09
  • Strap for €11,45
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