Planning projects with Rentman

With projects, you can manage and plan every phase of your rentals and rental events, from dry hires to big festivals and tours.

Read this article or check our video tutorials to learn how to plan a project in Rentman.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

Within a project, you create and store your documents (such as packing lists, quotes, invoices), and plan your equipment, crew, and vehicles from your database. This means that all the information about a job is in one place.

In Rentman, project planning is divided into two phases:

  • Building your quote
  • Planning equipment, crew, and vehicles

Here's how you set up and manage projects in Rentman.

Building your quote

In this first phase, you create a quote for your client. Now you can choose the equipment, crew, and vehicles you need without worrying about their availability. Follow these steps to build your quote:

  1. Fill in the general information - these are important information like project name, client, location, and project type.
  2. Set up time schedules - you can link equipment and crew to the time periods you set up.
  3. Add your equipment - add the equipment you need for the project without taking the equipment availability into account.
  4. Add crew and transport functions - In Rentman you first add jobs (called functions) and required transport for the project. Later you will schedule your crew and vehicles on these functions.
  5. Additional costs - (optional) can be added to keep track of hotel stays, lost equipment or defects that happen during the course of the project.
  6. The financial picture - the 'Financial' tab gives an overview of the revenue and costs of a project. You can also calculate margins and profit, see estimated costs, and apply discounts here.
  7. Send out a quote - based on the information, vehicles, and functions you added you can automatically generate a quote and send this out to the chosen contact. 

With project status, you can keep track of what phase each project is in. When you send out a quote, the project status will change from "Concept" to "Pending". When the quote gets accepted, the status moves to "Confirmed". You can also change the status manually from the 'General' tab.

Rentman tip: For more extended projects, you can use subprojects with individual components. This can help you split the planning for certain areas, tours or other issues.

Planning equipment, crew, and vehicles

After you have sent your quote, it's time to work on planning your equipment, team, and vehicles. 

  1. Check availability and solve equipment shortages - If you are short on equipment for a project you can see where your shortages come from using the timeline. You can move equipment between projects or create subrents to solve shortages
  2. Schedule your crew members and vehicles - There are two ways to do this, directly in the project for when you only have a few jobs and transport. Or you can use the visual planner in the Crew Planner module, giving you an overview of all projects, crew, and vehicles.
  3. Print a packing list - In the 'General' tab, you can generate a packing list for your warehouse crew. When your project is good to go, you can manage the equipment flow from the warehouse module.

Keeping an overview of your projects 

By configuring the overview in the Projects module to your own preferences and needs, you can achieve a better overview of upcoming projects.

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