Configure your terms and conditions

You can upload your terms and conditions, so that they are automatically added to emails regarding quotation/contract/invoice.

You can also upload additional conditions for certain project types or specific projects.


Upload your terms and conditions

Your terms and conditions (as a .PDF file) will automatically be added to emails that you send using Rentman, if they are regarding a quotation/contract/invoice. Customers will also find your terms and conditions when they click on the digital signing button on a quotation.

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Financial > Financial.
  2. Under Slips, drop a file or click to upload.

    You must upload a .PDF file.

Display and send options

(Un)check the following boxes to decide where and how your terms and conditions should be communicated.

  • Print on letterhead by default
  • Send terms and conditions with quotations
  • Send terms and conditions with contracts
  • Send terms and conditions with invoices

Additional conditions

Additional conditions can be used if the general terms and conditions are not sufficient.

Add additional conditions

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Financial > Additional conditions.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a name, and insert your terms and conditions into the text field.
  4. Save your changes.

Choose default additional conditions

If you often use the same additional conditions for a specific type of project, you can assign additional conditions to a project type so that they become the default. 

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Settings > Project types.
  2. Edit an existing project type, or Add a new one.
  3. Choose your Default additional conditions.
  4. Save your changes.

Change additional conditions for a project

From time to time, you might want to add additional conditions to a specific project because of a specific equipment item that is planned, or another reason. Because of this, Rentman also allows you to enter/change additional conditions directly in your project.

  1. Go to the Projects module and open a project.
  2. In the Financial tab, scroll down to the Additional conditions field.
  3. Select the additional conditions for this project.
  4. Save your changes.
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