If your company has completed the 30-day free trial, you might want to (automatically) delete all sample data from the trial, so you can start with an empty database.

Automatically deleting your trial data only works if you haven't activated Rentman yet. You can always manually archive or delete database items too.


What data will be deleted?

What data will be deleted?
  • Projects
  • Equipment
  • Contacts
  • Vehicles
  • Subhire requests
  • Time registration
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Invites
  • Appointments
  • Reservations
  • Saved statistics
  • All created documents (quotations, contracts, invoices, packing slips, callsheets...)
  • Default functions
  • Availability of crew members
  • Sent emails
  • Email templates / personal text templates
  • Tags
  • Notifications
  • Custom fields
What data do I keep?
  • Crew members
  • Templates
  • Letterheads
  • Settings
  • Presets
  • User roles

Delete your trial data

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Settings > Empty database.
  2. Click the button:

    Deleting the database may take up to 5 minutes. During this process, everyone will be logged out of their accounts.
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