Add images to documents, emails, personal texts and your signature

In Rentman, you can add images to:

  • Document templates
  • Emails
  • Personal texts
  • Your email signature

In this article, we explain how to achieve this.


Document templates

  1. Upload your image to an image hosting website, or an internal server.
  2. Copy the direct URL of the image.
    For example:
    Make sure to upload your image to a trusted website or server, so that the link will still work in the future.
  3. Edit a document template in Rentman.
    (Configuration module > Customer communication > Document templates)
  4. Drag a new Text block into your template, or edit an existing one.
  5. Hover your mouse over the Text block, and click on the Edit button Edit_module.png.
  6. Click on the Insert image button.


  7. Paste the URL of your image in the Source field.

    Additionally, fill in a description and the pixel dimensions of your image.

  8. Click Ok to insert the image.
  9. Resize your image, if desired.


Emails, personal texts and signature

  1. For emails:
    When creating a document, click the Email button Email.png.

    For personal texts:

    When creating a document, click the Open widget button Widget.png to open the Widget sidebar.  Then, click Edit personal text.

    For your signature:
    Go to the Configuration module > Customer communication > Communication > Email signature.

  2. Click on the Insert image button.


  3. Drop an image file, or click to upload.


  4. Click on your uploaded image, and choose Select.
  5. Resize your image, if desired.


Tip: You can save your email messages and personal texts as templates.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add equipment images to my template?
Read the section FAQ: How do I add equipment images to my template? in our article about Customizing document templates.

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