In Rentman Mobile you can check your schedule, project details, equipment, contacts, and answer invitations. In the 'Warehouse' module, you can scan QR and barcodes to book equipment off your packing lists.

The app can be used on Android and iOS smartphones, and on Android Zebra scanners (models: TC20 and TC25).

Modules and functions

Here is a list of the modules and the functionalities available on Rentman Mobile. 

  • My Schedule
    • Check your schedule
    • Create appointments
    • Add your availability
  • Invitations
    • Answer invitations
  • Warehouse module
  • Projects
    • Check projects' details
  • Equipment
    • Check equipment information
    • Add repairs
  • Time registration
    • Register worked hours
  • Contacts
    • Check contacts' details

Where can you download it

You can download Rentman Mobile on Google Play and on Apple App Store.

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  • Excited to test drive the app but cannot figure out how to get the invitation code to "redeem". Help?

  • please provide an invitation code

  • This was a little confusing, but I figured it out. If on an IOS device (all I can attest to since that's what I use "iPhone"), you download the TesTFlight app on your phone, and then from your phones browser, you come back to THIS webpage (I used safari) and click on the link above that says open the "INVITATION LINK", and walla, testflight will open up and ask you if you want to download the Beta app to your phone/device. Definitely a huge improvement. Wish there were a way to switch out of military time as an option in settings, and wish edits/creation of projects were available, but definitely a huge leap in the right direction so far.

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