Subhire equipment in a project

In the Subhire tab of your project, you can manage and keep track of your subhires.


View existing subhires

In the Subhire tab of your project, you will see all existing subhires for this project.


Add a subhire

You can add a subhire directly from within your project, or use the shortage overview in the Subhire module. You can also send a digital subhire request to another Rentman user.

The Subhire module

The Subhire module provides an overview of all created subhires, and all current shortages on your projects. It allows you to quickly see current shortages so that you can solve them.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see the costs of subhires in my project?
Subhire costs are an important cost to show in your project, which we have planned to add to the cost overview. We've added this wish to our Wishlist, where you can vote for this wish and get a notification when it's been added to Rentman.

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