The VAT/tax rate in my country will change. What should I do?

If the VAT/tax rate in your country will change, you need to set this up in Rentman.

What should I do?

  1. Add a new VAT/tax scheme with the new VAT/tax rate.
    Tip: include the introduction date of the new VAT/tax rate in the name of your scheme.
  2. When the first day of the new VAT/tax rate arrives, choose your new VAT/tax scheme as the default scheme in Rentman.

Planning projects with the new rate in advance

Are you adding a project that will start on or after the new VAT/tax rate goes into effect? Then you must already apply the new VAT/tax scheme to that project:

  1. Change the VAT/tax scheme of your project to the new scheme that you've created.

The exact date from when projects should have the new VAT/tax rate can depend on specific rules in your country.

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