Setting up equipment price factors (multiple days discount)

The price factor of equipment is a price multiplier for when equipment is rented out for a longer time period. It's useful to give customers a more attractive price deal when they rent equipment for multiple days.


Example: If you rent out equipment for 5 days, you can use a price factor of 2,80 to only charge the customer for 2,8 'days', instead of 5x the normal daily price.


How is the price factor calculated?

The usage period of an equipment group determines the used price factor.

If your equipment group Rigging has a usage period from 21-12-2018 (14:00) to 26-12-2018 (14:00), it is exactly 5 days. In your factor list, you can see this gives a factor of 2,80:


In the Equipment tab of your project, you can see that the unit price of each item is multiplied by 2,80.


If needed, you can always overwrite the default price factor in this screen.

Set up your factor list

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Financial > Factor groups.
  2. Double-click to edit the Default factor group, and find this overview:


  3. Double-click on a row to change the factor and from/to number of days. This way, you can create your entire factor list.

Do you use multiple factor lists for different types of equipment? You can use multiple factor groups.

Use multiple factor lists

If you use multiple factor lists for different types of equipment (Rigging, Audio, ...) you need to use multiple factor groups. Make sure that you also choose the correct factor group for your equipment items, to ensure they have the right factor applied when you plan them on a project.

Create factor groups

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Financial > Factor groups.
  2. Add more factor groups, and set up the factor list for each one.

Choose default factor group

  1. Go to the Equipment module.
  2. Select Select.png all desired equipment items, click on More actions More.PNG, and choose Edit.
  3. Scroll down to select Check.png the Factor group field, and choose the correct Factor group.
  4. Save your changes.

Change price factor in project

When planning equipment in your project, you can overwrite the default price factor of equipment items.

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