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How do I add a QR code to a kit ?

It is not possible to add a QR code to a kit. The reason for this is that we consider kits to be flexible combination of items that can be rented out together, but can also be rented out separately. 

A good example is a kit containing speakers, subwoofers and full-range cabins. You will mostly rent them out together, but sometimes you want to rent them out individually.

You can however, assign QR codes to cases. In this article you can learn more about kits, cases, and accessories. 

How can I make a credit invoice?

You can generate a credit note based on an existing invoice, or not connected to an already existing invoice. 

From an existing invoice

  1. Go to the Invoices module.
  2. Select the invoice for which you want to create a credit note. Please make sure you have the right time period selected 
  3. Click on the More actions button.
  4. Select 'Create a credit note'.

Not connected to an invoice

  1. Go to the Invoices module.
  2. Click on +Add.
  3. Fill in the details.
  4. Add a negative amount as an invoice line.
  5. Click on Generate.

How can I create a partial invoice? 

It is possible to create partial/split invoices. There are two ways to achieve this: 

1. Set up Invoice moments. 

In this step you determine in how many parts the invoice is going to be split, and which part should be invoiced when. This can be done by setting up invoice moments. When generating your invoice, the percentages determined in your invoice moments will show. 

2. Split invoice when generating. 

When generating an invoice, 100% of the project's total is automatically selected. If you want to create a partial invoice, you can uncheck one of the checkboxes in the 'Project sum' section and insert a percentage. 

When you will create the invoice for the rest of the project, you can subtract the amount already invoiced in the 'Invoices to subtract' section.

How do I export my data?

In our article on exporting your data, you can find the step-by-step plan on how to extract your data from your Rentman account.

It is possible to export data concerning your equipment, your contacts, your crew and more. 

How do I hide the financial tab in my project for specific users?

Whether a user has or hasn't got access to a specific part in the software is determined by their user roles, and their assigned rights and permissions. 

When a users has the permission granted within their user role to access the projects, they will automatically have insight into the financial tab of the projects. Having access to the financial tab is not something that can be granted or denied separately. 

Why can't I change the email address from my login/my crews login? 

When a user is linked to a global Rentman profile, you can not change the email address of this users login from within the workspace. 

To be able to change the email address, you should sign out of the workspace, which will lead you to the 'My Workspaces overview'. In this overview you can take the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to your username is the left corner. 
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Change your email address under 'Language'.

How to delete a power user?

You can reduce the amount of power users in two steps: 

Step 1: Change the user role of your crew. 

  1. Go to the Crew members module, and double-click on a crew member with a power user role.
  2. In the User role field, change their user role to something else and save your changes.
  3. You are now ready to change your license details.
    If you don't do this, you will still be charged for the current amount of power users covered by your license.

Step 2: change your license details

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Account > Licenses, and choose Upgrade.
  2. Follow the steps, and decrease the amount of additional power users.

  3. Continue the process until your license details have successfully been changed. 

My equipment is not shown per subproject in my documents. 

When generating a document within Rentman (invoice, quotation, contract, packaging slip, etc.) it is possible to display your data per subproject. 

Step 1: Configuring your document template 

You can do this by making use of the subproject block when customizing your document template

  1. Open the document template editor. (Configuration > document templates >double-click on relevant document)
  2. Drag Subproject block into document. This block is marked in yellow. 
  3. Drag the modules and blocks that you want to display per subproject, into the subproject block. 

When the blocks and modules have been added successfully to the subproject block, they will show a yellow background. 

 Step 2: Generate your document 

  1. Create the relevant document. 
  2. Choose which subproject you want to include via the 'linked items' in widget. mceclip1.png
  3. Generate document. 

How can I plan crew per multiple days?

It is possible to plan crew in Rentman per multiple days, by copying function to multiple days.  

Step 1: create functions for multiple days. 

  1. Add a crew function to your project. 
  2.  Select the function and navigate to more actions. 
  3.  Click on copy functions to multiple days. 
  4.  Select if you would like to use a recurring pattern, or select specific days. 
  5. Save. 

Step 2: Plan your crew 

  1. Navigate to your Crewplanner or your crew planning within a project. Here you will find the overview of your recurring functions for multiple days. 
  2. Start planning your crew. 
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