Automate workflows with Zapier

This feature is in a closed-beta phase. If you'd like to take part in this beta-testing phase contact us at

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you create interactions (called "zaps") between your Rentman account and other services. Using Zapier is not mandatory but it can speed up the integration between Rentman and other programs.

Our Support team is not trained in the use of Zapier and they are not aware of the many possibilities available, so they cannot help you with the implementation of your zaps.

What you can do with it

Here are some functionalities that will be available in the beta version:

  • Automatically export new documents (quotations, invoices, packing slips, etc.) from Rentman to Dropbox (or other file systems)
  • Automatically export any new/updated contacts, contact persons or crew members to other software, like Mailchimp, Google Contacts or CRMs
  • Import contacts and contact person details from other software into Rentman
  • Automate tasks when new projects/subprojects are created, confirmed or changed

You can also discuss the possible uses of our Zapier integration with other Rentman users in our Community!

How to use Zapier

To give Zapier access to your account you will need to generate an API token.

  1. Sign up to Zapier.
  2. In the Dashboard of your account, you will find the following question: "What Do You Want to Automate Today?". Here, select Rentman and the other app/program you wish to connect.
  3. Select a trigger and an action.
  4. Click on 'Use Zap'.
  5. Connect to your Rentman account using the token.
  6. Complete the process and turn on the zap.
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