Connect your webshop to Rentman

A webshop is a website where you can offer your products and services. Connecting your webshop to your Rentman account, you can receive rental requests at any time, collect clients' details, and process projects faster.

It is possible to connect Rentman to a webshop through our partner AppSys.

AppSys is an external company that provides support for connecting Rentman account to a webshop running on WordPress (with WooCommerce) using the AppSys WooCommerce plug-in for Rentman.

Contact AppSys

To contact AppSys for support, installation, or custom functionalities, you can find their contact details on this page of their website.

For more information, please follow this link:

If you prefer not to utilize this webshop plugin, you have the option of creating your own integration through our API. Please read this article.

Note: Rentman support team is not trained in setting up your AppSys webshop.

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