Client-based discount groups

Discount groups are useful to give different discounts on equipment to different customers.

Example: give customer A 10% discount on rigging and 20% discount on audio, whilst customer B only gets 15% discount on audio.


Add a discount group

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Financial > Discount groups.
  2. Click  + Add discount group  enter a name, and save your changes.
  3. You are now ready to assign equipment to a discount group

Assign equipment to discount group

  1. Open an equipment item in the category Equipment module.
  2. In the Data tab, scroll down and select the desired Discount group. Then, click on  Save
  3. You are now ready to configure the discount percentages.

Configure discount percentages

For each of your contacts, you need to fill in the discount percentage for your discount groups.

  1. Open a contact in the contact_phone Contacts module, and go to the Payment tab.
  2. Scroll down to Discount groups, and fill in the percentage for all groups.

If you select this contact as client for a project, the discounts will automatically be applied.

Did you update your percentages, and want to apply these changes to a running project? Make sure you follow the steps in the next paragraph.

Apply updated percentages to project

If you've updated the discount percentages for a contact who is also the client of a running project, you might want to apply these changes to that project.

  1. Go to the Equipment tab of your project.
  2. Select all equipment items, and click the More actions more_vert button.
  3. Choose "Update equipment data". 
    This will update the discount values for all items you've added to a discount group.
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