Manually export invoices

In the monetization_on Financial module you can manually export your invoices as a .xlsx (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) file. You can then import this file into your accounting software, to handle the rest of the accounting there.

You can also let Rentman automatically export invoices to Quickbooks and Xero. This saves time and effort.


What data is exported?

  • Ledgers
    Invoices are split into multiple ledger rows, which show the total amounts of each category. Ledgers are automatically connected in Rentman.

Example: All rental items are automatically connected to the rental ledger, and all your sale items are connected to the sale ledger.

  • Invoice information
    • Payment term
      (How much time the customer has to pay)
    • Invoice moment
    • Invoice number
      (Rentman creates a unique number for each invoice, based on the number series in the settings Configuration module > Settings > Number series)
    • VAT schemes
  • Information of relevant contacts
    The information of relevant contacts for your invoice is also exported. This includes, for example, the company name, contact persons and contact number.
  • Project information
    Project name, project number, costs of the project, and other project information.

Manual export

  1. Go to one of the two subfolders of the monetization_on Financial module.
  2. Select the invoices that you want to export.
  3. Click on the More actions more_vert button and choose "Export invoices".
  4. Save your invoice as a .xlsx (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) file.
  5. Import this file in your accounting software.
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