Display multiple currencies on financial documents

It's possible to convert the prices of your financial documents in several currencies. Doing this, you will display the prices in another currency according to the entered conversion rate. 

Note: This conversion is only displayed in your documents. The prices in your account are still saved and calculated based on the currency in your settings Configuration module.

This is helpful if you work with customers from neighboring countries that use a different currency than you do.

To do this, you first have to create a document template for the country and then manually enter the "Currency exchange rate" for each document.


Create a document template for the country

This passage is important to show the right currency symbol (€, $, £, etc.) in your documents.

  1. Create a new document template (or duplicate an existing one).
  2. In the Template section of the widget, select a country in the Country field.
  3. Save


Enter currency exchange rate

Rentman does not calculate the currency exchange rate automatically, so you must enter it for every document. 

  1. Create a quotation, contract, or invoice.
  2. In the Generate quotation pop-up, select the right template.
  3. In the Generate quotation pop-up, go to Currency conversion and select "Yes".
  4. Enter the currency exchange rate you wish to apply.
  5. Generate
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