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Digital payments make it quick and easy for your customers to pay your invoices. In this article we explain how to set up digital payments in Rentman.

Digital payments with Molly are currently only available for countries using the Euro. If you use a different currency, you can use our connection with Stripe.



Rentman allows you to add digital payment options to your invoices, so customers can pay with just a few clicks. All common payment methods are supported, including credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

Why would you use digital payments in Rentman?

Digital payments make it easier and quicker for your customer to pay you. Digital payments are ideal to use especially if you work with a lot of private persons or smaller companies.

How does it work?

In Rentman you add a digital payment button to your invoice similar to the digital sign button on your documents. Your customer clicks on this button and can directly pay the invoice amount with the preferred payment methods on the payment portal Mollie. The payment methods your customer can choose from, are selected by you. The following payment methods are supported in Mollie:


When your customer pays the amount it is transferred directly to your Mollie account. Mollie transfers the money regularly back to your own bank account based on your settings.

What does it cost?

The Rentman connection is included in your license. Mollie charges prices for each transaction depending on the payment method.

Why did we choose Mollie to connect with?

Internationally there are multiple providers but we have chosen Mollie because it is very easy to set-up and connect. The pricing of Mollie is good for the payment methods used by most of our users. Mollie is an international provider offering good rates in the European Union. Through rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with every available regulation, Mollie ensures the safety, stability and reliability for every transaction.

How can I set it up ?

Setting up digital payment for Rentman consists of three basic steps:

  1. Sign up and activate your Mollie account
  2. Connect Rentman to your Mollie account
  3. Add a digital payment button to your template

Set up and activate Mollie

Creating an Mollie account is free of charge and consist of the following steps:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Fill in your name, email address and password and click on "Create account" create_account.png
  3. Choose to activate account and fill in all requested company information, including the information of the stakeholders.
  4. Select the payment options you would like to use and follow the steps to activate them on your account.
  5. Send a small amount to verify your bank account.

You have successfully created and activated your Mollie account.

Connect Rentman with Mollie

The connection between Rentman and Mollie is generated with a so called "api key", which you can obtain from Mollie. This key needs to be linked to your Rentman account in the configuration.

How to obtain your API-Key from Mollie

Follow the steps to obtain your Mollie api-key:

1. Go to your Mollie account

2. Go to settings


3. Click on "Copy" at the "Live API Key"


Link your Rentman account to Mollie

Follow the steps to link your Mollie account to your Rentman account:

1. Go to your Rentman account.

2. Go to settings Configuration module > Financial > Payment methods.

3. Set Online payments to "Mollie".

5. Enter your Mollie API key.

6.  Save


After entering this information your Rentman account is connected to your Mollie account. 


  • Enter your e-mail address for notifications when payments are completed.


Add digital payment button to invoices

By default Rentman does not add the option for digital payments. You can easily add the digital payment module by dragging and dropping it into your template.


Can I add the digital payment button also to quotations or contracts?
No, you can only use the digital payments in invoices. The digital payment option is only connected to invoices as the invoice amount is a specific amount carefully calculated and processed in Rentman. The invoice amounts can differ from the project amount shown on the quotations and contracts.
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