If you wish to train your whole team on Rentman or learn in depth the possibilities of our software, you might consider booking a training with one of our experts.

You can always check our Support Center or contact the support staff to learn about Rentman's functionalities.

When is training a good choice?

Training can be very helpful if: 

  • You will soon start with Rentman, and you want the implementation phase to be as fast and smooth as possible.
  • You have a very large team, and you're scared that teaching everyone how to use the software might take too long/not work out well.  
  • Your company works in a specific industry or has some specific workflows, and you want to know how can Rentman fit you best.
  • You already work with Rentman, but you want to explore more of its possibilities.
  • New staff will start working with the software, and you want them to learn all they need to know about Rentman.

When is training not interesting for you?

If you have extensive knowledge of Rentman and would like to discuss a number of new requirements, training would be a waste of time and money. We are always happy to receive your feedback by email or by phone.

Methods and costs

You have three options for the training:

  • Teamviewer -  One of our experts will show Rentman to you and your team using a shared screen and talking on the phone. This kind of training can be booked in time-slots of 4 hours; for each slot, we charge €299.
  • In location - One of our experts will come to your office or warehouse. Contact our support staff for more information and to receive a quotation (all expenses included).
  • In our office - If reaching the city center of Utrecht (NL) is not a problem, you are welcome to come to our office for your training. Contact our support staff to receive a quotation.

If staff from different departments follows the training, you can also arrange separate training blocks. This way everyone gets information relevant to their role.


Who are our trainers?

The trainers are experts that know Rentman inside-out and have experience in the AV industry, so they can show you how to best use Rentman to manage your activity.

Tips to get the most out of a training

Good preparation is half the job. The more you get to know about the system, for example by watching our videos, the more effective the training. If you need specific document templates or you want help with importing data, the trainer will ask you in advance to have the specific documents ready.

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