Add company logo and information on my documents

The letterhead can be seen as the background image of your documents. You can use it to personalize your documents with your company logo, company information and visual designs.


You design and save your letterhead as a .PDF file, and then upload it to Rentman. For each document that you generate, you can choose which letterhead to use.-

Design and configure your letterhead

Letterheads are personal, and can be designed any way you like. In your letterhead, you can include:

  • Company logo
  • Company information
  • Visual designs (images) for your corporate identity

After finalizing your design, generate a letterhead to align with the dimensions of your desired document. For instance, if your typical invoice is on an 8.5" x 11" page, ensure your letterhead document matches this size accordingly.

In the document editor of your choice (Microsoft Word etc.), create a 8.5" x 11" blank document with your logo and other company info at the top (or wherever you'd like it), leaving the rest of the page empty. The empty spaces on this page will be where your project information will appear so ensure your logo isn't covering too much of the page to prevent overlapping. 

When you're done, save your design as a .PDF file.

Click here for an example letterhead with logo

Rentman tip: We recommend designing your letterhead using software like Microsoft Word, Google Sheets or Canva. Microsoft Word has standard paper sizes in most versions and you can enter your logo, company information, and corporate identity designs directly in the right spot on the page.

Add a letterhead

Before you start, make sure to design your letterhead and save it as a .PDF file.

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Customer Communication > Letterhead.
  2. Click  + Add letterhead
  3. Enter a name, and upload   cloud_upload your PDF file.
  4. Choose a default page size (A4, Letter), or enter a custom width and height for your page.
    We recommend using the same width and height as your PDF file.
  5. Choose the margins for your document.
    With margins, you decide how much space the template keeps open for your letterhead. When your letterhead has a header that uses the top 4cm of the page, make sure to enter a top margin of 4cm.
  6. Choose the document types that this letterhead should be available for.
  7. Confirm  your letterhead.

Letterhead with multiple pages

Your letterhead can also consist of multiple pages. If this is the case, the first page of your letterhead will be used for the first page of your Rentman documents. The second page of your letterhead will be used for the second page of your document, and so on.

If your Rentman document has more pages than your letterhead, the last page of your letterhead will be used for the rest of the document.

Page numbers

You can enable or disable page numbers on your documents in the letterhead settings.

  1. Select a letterhead and click on + Edit
  2. Scroll down to Options
  3. Choose Yes or No in field Page numbers
If you want to reposition or change the size of the page numbers, you can adjust this in a document template's header or footer.

Choose a letterhead

For each document that you generate, you can choose which letterhead to use. 

  1. Generate a new document.
  2. Select in the pop-up the right letterhead under "Layout" or click on refresh Regenerate if the document is already shown.

Choose the default letterhead

You can choose the default letterhead for documents for each project type in Rentman.

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Settings > Project types.
  2. Click  + Add project type  to add a new Project type, or double click to edit an existing one.
  3. Choose the default letterhead for this project type in the Letterhead field.

When you choose the project type for a new project, the default letterhead will automatically applied to documents that belong to that project.


What to do if my letterhead is not placed correctly on my documents?
If this problem occurs, the dimensions (width and height) of your uploaded .PDF probably do not match the paper dimensions that you've configured in Rentman. Look at the properties of your .PDF file to see what its dimensions are, and then apply these values in Rentman.
What to do if my template runs through my letterhead?
If this problem occurs, the margins of your letterhead are probably too small. Increase the margins until you achieve your desired result.
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