Align customer names in Quickbooks and Rentman

Before you connect Rentman to Quickbooks, the names of your contacts/customers must be exactly the same in Rentman and Quickbooks. If the names aren't the same, Quickbooks will create unwanted new contacts after your first automatic export.

Important: Invoices that belong to "private individuals" in Rentman cannot be automatically exported to Quickbooks. To work around this, you can change the type of your contact to "company".


Option 1: Export and import

The easiest way is by exporting your contacts/customers from Rentman to Quickbooks, or the other way around. By doing it this way, you ensure that all contact/customer names are directly copied over to the other program.

Option 2: Manually check all company names

If you want to avoid importing/exporting, you can also manually check all contact names in Rentman and Quickbooks.

  • In Quickbooks, look for the Customer name field.
  • In Rentman, look for the Company name field.
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