Set up external payment terms

Your payment terms determine how many days your customer has to pay an invoice. Based on the creation date of the invoice (and the payment term you choose), Rentman automatically determines the deadline for your customer.

Example: You created the invoice on November 1st. If this invoice has a payment term of 14 days, the deadline for payment is November 15th.


Create your payment terms

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Financial > Payment term.
  2. Click  + Add payment term  , and fill in the name, text, accounting code, number of days and payment method.
  3. Click  Confirm
  4. Click  Save

Choose default payment term

You can set the default payment term for all of your contacts. If you select this contact as a client for your project, the chosen payment term will automatically be applied to project invoices.

  1. Edit a contact in the contact_phone Contacts module.
  2. Go to the Payment tab, and choose the Payment term for this contact.

Apply different payment term to invoice

In some situations, you might want to apply a different payment term for your invoice. This will overwrite the default term.

  1. Create a new invoice by clicking on  Add invoice  in the Financial tab of your project.
  2. In the Details section, select your Payment term.
  3. Click  Generate  to make to invoice.
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