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Once you have finished your basic settings of your document templates, such as modules and columns structure, you might be interested in some further customization of your templates. In this article, we will go deeper in the customization and we will give you some useful tips for templates you could make.


Add equipment images

Part 1: Add an image to your equipment items

  1. Double click on an equipment item in the category Equipment module.
  2. Under Files, upload your image.
  3. Click on the More options more_vert button next to your image, and select edit Edit.
  4. Under Display in documents select "Yes".
  5. Save  your changes

Part 2: Show the image in your template

  1. When editing a template, click on the "Equipment" module that's already in your template.
  2. Click on table_chart to edit the column settings.
  3. Add a new image variable. You will find it under Equipment >> Image.
  4. Click on the column in the overview to edit the column properties.
  5. Save  your changes.

The "Equipment" module in your template will reload, and display your equipment images. To change the positioning of images, you can edit the properties of your image column (see step 4 above).

"Left to pack" or "On location" packing slip

In the "Equipment" block, you can choose what equipment should be shown:

  • All items
  • Only prepped or on location
  • Only left to pack

You can use these options to create packing slips for the following use cases:

User case A
Some items are still on location, even though the project has already returned. In this case, you would like to have a packing slip with items Only prepped or on location.

User case B
A part of your equipment is already underway to the location, but another part is still in your warehouse. In this case, you would like to have a packing slip with items Only left to pack.

  1. Click on the "Equipment" module in your template
  2. In the menu on the right, go to Only items that are currently prepped or on location and choose your desired option.
  3. Give this packing slip a useful name to recognize it by.
  4. Save  your template

Display optional equipment in a separate module

When planning your equipment, you can mark items, physical and virtual combinations as optional for a project.

In your quotation template, you can choose how optional equipment should be displayed. By default, optional equipment will be listed between all other equipment. However, you can also list optional equipment in a separate section.

  1. In your quotation template, make sure you have two "Equipment" modules in total.
    If there already is an "Equipment" module in your template, you need to add one extra.
  2. Select one of the "Equipment" modules in your template.
  3. For Show pending equipment, choose "No".
  4. Select the second "Equipment" module.
  5. For Show pending equipment, choose "Only optional items".

Your quotation will now have a separate section with optional equipment.
We recommend changing the title of this section to "Optional". You can do this by editing the module, and filling in your title in the Header text field.

Display assigned serial numbers

The assigned serial numbers on a project can be displayed in any document with an equipment module. This is particularly useful for carnets.

  1. Click mceclip1.png on the "Equipment" module to edit the module settings

  2. Under "Equipment properties", set the field "Display serial numbers of equipment" to "Yes"


Show subrents in a packing slip

Equipment Scheduling Pro

When you subrent equipment for a project, you can show it in your packing slip. There are three ways of doing this: per item, per supplier, or per supplier for each item.

Per item

  1. Click on the "Equipment" module in your template
  2. Click on table_chart and add the column Equipment Planning >> "Amount of items subrented.
  3. Save  your changes

Choose this option if you want to see how many pieces you subrented for each item.

Per supplier

To see a list of equipment you subrented from each supplier, drag-and-drop the "Subrent equipment" module in your document.

Per supplier for each item

You can show the amount subrented from a supplier for each item.

  1. Click on the "Equipment" module in your template
  2. In the menu on the right, go to the Equipment properties section.
  3. Select "Yes" in the Display amount of subrentals.
  4. Add the module "Linked subrental" for reference.
  5. Save  your changes

Display QR codes per equipment item

Equipment Tracking

By displaying scannable QR-codes on your documents, you can now scan items that are being packed or unpacked independent of their actual warehouse location.

Imagine: You need to pack (scan) 6 cables in the warehouse and 10 cables just returned from another project. They are right in front of you, but they do not have a QR code attached to them. You don't want to go to the warehouse shelf in order to scan them as you just want to scan the code from your packing slip 6 times, so you have them marked as packed.

Adding QR codes to your documents can become especially useful when your equipment does not have a physical QR code attached, or when you would like to speed up the scanning process of common equipment or equipment combinations. 

  1. Click on the "Equipment" module in your template. 
  2. Click on table_chart and add the column QR code image ( Planned Equipment > Equipment > QR Code (Image). 
  3. Save  your changes. 



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