When planning your equipment, you can mark equipment as optional for a project. This is useful for letting a customer choose between different items, physical or virtual combinations. Additionally, this allows you to offer extra items to a customer.

The price for optional equipment is not included in the total price of your quotation.

In your quotation template, you can also choose how optional equipment should be displayed. By default, optional equipment will be listed between all other equipment. However, you can also list optional equipment in a separate section.

In this article, we provide instructions for adding optional equipment and choosing your preferred display method.-

Add optional equipment

  1. Open your project, and go to the Equipment tab.
  2. Click on the More options more_vert button next to any column in the equipment planning section.
  3. Click the "+ Edit columns" button and select mceclip1.png the In option column and click Save.
  4. You will now see the column In option in your list of planned equipment:
  5. To mark an item as option, choose "Yes" in that column.

Save time by changing all of your optional equipment to In option through a bulk edit.

Display optional equipment separately on quotation 

Quoting and Invoicing

By default, optional equipment is listed between all other equipment on your quotation. However, you can also list optional equipment in a separate section.

  1. Go to the settings Configuration module > Customer communication > Document templates.
  2. Add (or edit) a template for a quotation.
    Read this article for detailed instructions.
  3. In your quotation template, you need to have two Equipment modules in total.
    If there already is an Equipment module in your template, you need to add one extra.
  4. Select one of the Equipment modules in your template, and click edit.
  5. For the field Show pending equipment, choose "No". Remember to save your changes.
  6. Select the second Equipment module, and click edit.
  7. For the option Show pending equipment in option, choose "Only optional items".

    Your quotation will now have a separate section with optional equipment.
    We recommend changing the title of this section to Optional. You can do this by editing the module, and filling in your title in the Header text field.
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