If you have a spreadsheet of your crew members, you can import this into Rentman. 

You can also quickly add a single (or small number) of crew members in the Crew members module.

When importing your crew members, requests to create an account are sent automatically. Please read more about it here.


Before you start

Here's what you need before importing your crew member list:

  • An Excel or .csv file with your crew members' information. If you don't have this file prepared yet, download a sample file during the importing process: see step 4, on how to import your crew members. Read more on which information can I import in this section. 
  • (Optional) A logical folder structure in the Crew members module, so you can stay organized and find your crew members faster. In your file, the folder path should be specified in the Folder column:
    freelancers/lighttechnician or office/planners

Import your crew member file

  1. Go to the group Crew members module. 
  2. Click on more actions more_vert in the right corner, and click on import.
  3. Select here which type of import you want to do: 


    Import all rows as new item: 
    Rentman creates a new crew member for every row. 

    Update existing items with new data:
     If you want to update the crew members in your database (example: phone number), read how to do it in our article about updating data.

    Add new items and skip duplicate rows: 
    Rentman does not import crew members that are already in your database.
  4. Drag a file or click mceclip2.png to upload a file. 


    If you do not have a file with your crew members available yet, you can download our template above the upload button "Download a sample file here" 
  5. Select if your file contains a header, or not. If you select yes, the first row of your file will not be imported. 
  6. For each column, the system matches the header names with the column names in Rentman. Check if all matches have all been made, and adjust where necessary.


  7. Click "Next step" when you've done this for all columns.
  8. Select a Root folder for your import. The root folder is the folder at the top, and it contains your folder structure. New crew members will be placed under this folder. If you have defined folders in your import file, these crew members will be placed under the chosen Root folder. Warning: If your crew member file doesn't contain a Folder column, all items will be placed in the same root folder. This means that your items will not be organized, and it may be difficult to find your crew. We recommend creating your own folder structure, and specify the correct folder path for your items in the Folder column.


  9. If you selected "Add new items and skip duplicate rows" or "Update existing items with new data" in Step 3, you need to select match columns so that the system knows which entries to update.For example, if you are updating the phone numbers of all crew members, you could select "Email" as the match column as it is unique for every contact being updated and is not being updated itself. The match column should never be the column you are trying to update. Warning: These columns may not contain double values in the import file, as they are used during the import to identify which crew member should be skipped. 
  10. Click "Next step" and check the preview of your data one last time.


    Note: Only the first 10 rows will be shown in the preview. 
  11. Check your data in the preview. 
  12. Click Import 
  13. After the import has finished, a window will pop up with the results. If your data has been imported successfully, you can Close the window, or choose to "View imported crew members". If the import (partially) failed, please read the Insight into your import result section below.


Insight into your import result

Sometimes it happens that the import might fail (partially or totally). If this happens you can find all your answers in the import result like: 

  • Which rows (crew member) failed. 
  • Why these rows (crew members) failed. 
  • Which rows (crew members) have been imported successfully.

At the bottom of the import result, you can download a file that contains all rows that failed, accompanied by the reason of failure. This gives you direct insight per row what the reason of failure is. 

Which information can I import?

Description, Email, First name, Folder, Last name, Middle name, Phone

Availability, Display in planner, Driving license, Emergency contact, Receive emails

You cannot import passwords or crew rates.


Crew Scheduling Essential

Bank account number, Birthdate, CoC number, Company name, Contract date, Hours in contract, Passport number, Social security number, VAT identification number

Address information

Address, City, Country, Extra address line, House number, Postal code, State/Province


Can I import crew rates and passwords?

No, this is unfortunately not possible.

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