In Rentman, you can send emails with documents, planning, and notes to customers or crew members. In this article, you will find out how to set up templates and signatures for your emails, so you can send them quickly in the future.


Create templates for emails and personal texts

You can attach personal text to an email directly from Rentman. You can save time by creating templates for emails and personal texts, and make minor adjustments to your email or personal text if needed.

Create an email signature

You can create an email signature to personalize your outgoing emails with your personal and company information. You can add text, images, and variables to your signature.

Add images to documents, emails, texts and signature

You can also add images to emails, personal texts, and your email signature. This helps you create professional looking documents and messages, and provides extra visual information for your customers.

Change email sender address

You can change the sender address that is displayed when customers receive your emails to or of the default domain).

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