Add images to signature, email and texts

In Rentman, you can add images to:

  • Document templates
  • Emails
  • Personal texts
  • Your email signature

In this article, we explain how to do this in different parts of the software.


 Add an image

  1. For document 
    While customizing your document template, edit edit a text block.

    For emails 
    After generating a document, click the Email email button.

    For personal texts
    When creating a document, go to the Document text field.

    For your signature
    Go to the settings Configuration module > Customer communication > Communication and go to the section Email signature.
  2. Click on the Insert image photo button.
  3. Drop an image file, or click to upload.
  4. Click on your uploaded image, and choose  Select
  5. Optional: Resize your image by clicking on it.

Tip: You can save your email messages and personal texts as templates.


How do I add equipment images to my template?

Read the section Add equipment images in our advanced article about customizing document templates.

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