In this article, we cover products, plans, and add-ons that are available in Rentman. Additionally, this article covers options for the free trial of Rentman.-

Why does Rentman offer different plans?

Rentman is offered in multiple different plans per product to fit different types and sizes of companies.
We have two solutions: Inventory and Crew and these have three different types of plans. 
Companies who want to save as much time as possible and make use of the full system can use the Pro plan.

The standard plan is ideal for companies with fewer requirements for crew planning and equipment scheduling. 

Our essential plan is exclusively available for Crew Scheduling and offers all the basics like building crew schedules and preparing call sheets. 

Free Trial versions of Rentman

You can create a trial version for each plan available in Rentman. Please note that you switch to another plan after you've activated your account. Please do be aware that in the case of a downgrade (example from PRO to standard) that not all features are supported in each plan. 

Note: You can switch to another plan after you’ve activated your account.

Create your Rentman plan

There are two options available to create a Rentman plan. 1) Select one of our pre-configured plans or 2) create your own personalized plan. You can read more about both options down below:  

  • Select a plan - Inventory or Crew
    Based on our experience and knowledge of the industry, we have created several pre-configured plans. Rentman plans come in Standard and Pro variants for the Inventory or Essential, Standard, and Pro plan variants for our Crew solutions. 

  • Select - Rentman Suite for a personalized plan.
    If you desire more flexibility or if you have a very clear picture of which products you would like to make use of (and which not), you can configure your own personalized plan via our Rentman Suite. 

    The basis of the Rentman Suite is the Rentman platform. You can read more about this platform down below in this article. If you need more functionalities than just the basic platform, you can start adding products and add-ons to this basis. In the following section, you can start learning more about these products in detail.

    Add products to your plan 
    You can add products and add-ons to your plan by clicking the + add button on the left. You can remove them by clicking the same button again. 


Create your personalized plan 

Rentman platform 
The Rentman platform forms the basis of each Rentman account. With the platform, you can bring all your business data together and manage your resources, CRM, and projects from one place. 
Please find a full list of all features included in the platform here.

Equipment scheduling: 

If your goal with Rentman is to manage your equipment resources, you can make use of our product Equipment Scheduling. With the use of Equipment Scheduling, you can view inventory availability and schedule your equipment over projects and time schedules. 

License: This product is available in a Standard and Pro plan variants. Please find here the comparison list of all features for this product per plan variant

Add-on - Equipment tracking 
This add-on includes keeping track of equipment movements, scanning equipment using QR or barcode, and managing your warehouse process. 

Add-on - Quoting & Invoicing: 
With the Quoting & Invoicing add-on, you can create estimates, send out proposals and manage customer billing.  Please find here the complete list of all features that are included in this add-on. 

Add-on - Additional warehouse: 
If you have multiple warehouses and stock locations, this add-on can help you allocate your equipment from multiple storage locations to different projects. You can view availability, manage stock levels and solve shortages for each warehouse.

Crew Scheduling 

With our Crew scheduling Product, you can schedule and manage your crew, easily determine who is free to work, build schedules, track worked hours, and more. 

Plan: This product is available in an Essential, Standard, and Pro plan variants. 

Please find here the comparison list of all features for this product per plan variant.

Add-on - Quoting & Invoicing 

With the Quoting & Invoicing add-on, you can create estimates, send out proposals and manage customer billing.  Please find here the complete list of all features that are included in this add-on. 

Differences between the plans

For a complete overview of all features included per product and plan and the differences between our plans, please visit our pricing page on our website. 


The Enterprise plan is based on the Pro plan of Rentman, but offers specific additional options for larger companies that need to be customized for their needs. The optional functionalities include:

SLA: Service Level Agreement is a specific agreement on the Support offered by Rentman. Support Center, email and phone support are already included by default - see General Information for more information. Additional support agreements outside of the default support can be set in the SLA.

Own mail server: You can send all communications directly in Rentman using the email servers of Rentman. If you want to have full control over the e-mail sent in Rentman the solution is to integrate your mail server with Rentman. This is a custom integration.

Custom statistics: the poll Statistics module of Rentman is extended on what analysis you can do. If you need more extended statistics the best solution is to connect Rentman with specialized statistics analysis programs like power BI. This is a custom connection that users need to set up themselves.

If you would like more information about the Enterprise plan, please contact us.

The level of support that is included in the plan

All Rentman plans include customer support. This support includes: 

Online Support Center

An easy-to-navigate online manual for using Rentman, consisting of written articles with step-by-step how-to’s, videos, gifs and explanations. The articles are organized in different categories, most notably separated in the setting up of Rentman, and its functionalities when using Rentman on a daily basis.

E-mail support

Is included in all plans and is answered during Dutch business hours. Often we reply within 1 hour, with a maximum of 1 day.

Phone support

Is offered by product experts directly in contact with the product team and backed up by developers when needed. Phone support is available during Central European Time business hours.


How do I activate my Rentman account?
Please read our article about activating Rentman for more information.
How do I upgrade or downgrade to a different Rentman plan?
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