Exporting invoices as XML - UBL

XML - UBL is the format used in electronic invoicing (e-invoicing). In some countries, e-invoicing must be used instead of traditional invoicing in every transaction. In other countries, it's only mandatory to use e-invoicing for transactions with government agencies.

In Rentman, you can export every invoice in XML - UBL format. This article shows the basic settings you must set up for e-invoicing.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

Unstructured invoice data in PDF or Word format are not valid as e-invoices.

Set up your VAT scheme

  1. Go to Configuration > Financial > VAT schemes.
  2. Double-click on a VAT scheme to open it.
  3. Enter the right EDIFACT code (5305 Norm) for each rate.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat for each VAT scheme.

Example (based on the Dutch VAT scheme and EDIFACT code):

Configure your e-invoicing settings

Go to ConfigurationFinancial > Electronic invoicing, and fill in the following fields:

  • Identification number: the unique number that identifies a business, based on the country's identification scheme.
  • Identification scheme: the code that identifies your country. For many European countries, this scheme is the VAT. Check this list if you don't know your country's identification scheme (column 'schemeID').
  • Currency Code: Select your currency code if it is not already set by default.



Configure your contacts' e-invoicing settings

Fill in your contacts' data to generate e-invoices.

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Double-click on a contact to open it.
  3. Go to the 'Electronic invoicing' tab.
  4. Fill in the identification number and identification scheme.

If you don't know the identification number of a contact, request it to them or check in your country's identification scheme database.

Export an e-invoice

After creating an e-invoice, you can export it in XML - UBL. 

  1. Create an invoice.
  2. When editing the invoice, click Download as XML
  3. Choose between 'UBL based on ledgers' (for internal use/accounting software) and 'UBL to send' (for your clients).
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