Rentman is an all-in-one cloud solution for planning and managing your rental projects. With Rentman you have more control over your equipment, transport and crew planning. By working together in the software, you and your team can get more things done in less time.


Why use Rentman?

  • Manage your rentals on a single platform, on any device
  • Onboard your whole team and maintain an overview of what’s happening in your company
  • Save time planning your projects, equipment, and scheduling your crew
  • Control your inventory and keep track of equipment availability with our visual tracking tools

For whom?

Rentman is a good fit when you:

  • Want to plan equipment, crew, and transport for big or small projects
  • Regularly do events, dry-hires, or productions that last hours, days, or a few months
  • Have a diverse inventory of equipment items in one warehouse
  • Need software for 1 to 100 users, and/or work with freelancers
  • Often invoice a project only once or a limited number of times
  • Are part of the AV, production, broadcasting, party rental, tent rental, creative events, or event planning industry

Account and online workspace

A Rentman account is an online workspace where you and your team members can collaborate to plan and manage your rental events.

If you don’t have a Rentman account yet, you can create a free 30-day trial here.

Each user within your workspace can log in on their own device. You can configure permissions for each individual user so that they can focus on their own tasks.

All essential information in one place

In Rentman you can safely store and manage the data you need to plan your rental projects. In your workspace, you will find the following databases:

  • Equipment - All your equipment information can be stored in the equipment database. You can add serial numbers, QR- and Barcodes, work with accessories, and group equipment items together in the way you use them (using kits and cases).
  • Contacts - Handle your CRM by adding your clients, contact persons, and event locations. This allows you to easily find whoever you need to communicate with.
  • Crew Members - Manage the user accounts and permissions of your crew members, company staff, and freelancers.
  • Vehicles - An overview of all vehicles that you need for planning transport of your equipment and crew.
  • Document storage - View and download all documents that you've generated in Rentman, such as quotations, invoices, and packing lists. You can also upload extra files or images that are relevant to a project.

How does it work?

To understand how Rentman really works, it helps to understand projects.

A project is where you fit all the pieces of your planning, documents, and database information together into a rental event. This can be anything from a small-dry hire, or corporate occasion, to an international tour.

In a project, you manage every stage of your rentals from start to finish. From building a quote to planning crew and transport, booking equipment in and out, handling on-site events, and sending out an invoice.

To give you an idea, here is how you set up a rental from start to finish.

The process: managing a project from start to finish

Below, you will find an example of a typical project workflow in Rentman.

Creating a project: building your quote

  • Set up the planning details: time schedules, client and location
  • Add the required equipment items from your database
  • Add the required jobs and transport
  • Generate and send out your quotation (and let the client digitally sign it)

Planning - equipment

  • View the availability of equipment in our visual timeline
  • Plan the equipment you need
  • Solve equipment shortages using our subrenting functionalities

Scheduling - crew and vehicles

  • Let crew members and freelancers indicate availability
  • Directly invite crew members and freelancers for a job
  • Use our visual Crew Planner board to schedule crew members and vehicles

Booking equipment from your warehouse

  • Automatically generate packing slips for your warehouse crew
  • Let your warehouse crew use digital (interactive) packing slips
  • Use a scanner (or the Rentman App) to book equipment in and out of your warehouse (when it needs to be transported to the location)
  • Mark equipment for repair, maintenance, or lost.

Invoice your project

  • Generate an invoice and send it out to your client immediately.

Our video tutorials are the quickest way to learn how to set up a new project.

Keeping an overview of what’s important

Not only does Rentman give you the tools to plan, but you also have a better overview of your business activities. You can use different calendar views to see what’s coming up, but also what tasks you still need to do.

The licenses

We offer flexible pricing plans for different business needs. The best license for your company depends mostly on your company size and the features that you want to use. Most users of your workspace are free, we only charge for users that have full rights.

Explore our licenses here

What’s next?

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