Rentman Academy - Set up document and email templates

Reading time: 15 to 30min

Welcome back for this last step of your implementation process! Your account is now filled in with all the data you will need to work efficiently on a daily basis. The final touch will be to make sure that your signature and communication settings are ready.

If you get stuck at some point in the process, do not hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.


What will my emails look like?

Emails settings

How-to: Create an email signature

Once you will start to create projects with Rentman, you will need to communicate with your customers via email. This could be when you send them a quotation for example. So, you need to set up the email settings.

1 - Go to settings Configuration > Customer Communication > Communication. Pretty straight forward, no? Create a default signature that will show up at the end of all emails you will send to your customers via Rentman.
Optional 1b - Add your own email address as bcc to make sure you will receive a copy of all emails in your personal or professional email box.

2 - Go to settings Configuration > Customer Communication > Salutations and make sure that all the ways you could address a customer are entered there. If not, add them.

What will my documents look like?

Rentman uses different elements to create professional-looking and clear documents thanks to which you will be able to communicate all the information you want. These different elements need to be set up beforehand to make sure that in the future, you just have to click on a button to have your documents filled with data and prepped for sending.

The numbering of your documents

How-to: Number series

It is essential for your business to keep track of the documents, especially the ones you create for your customers. The administration and accounting will be so much easier with a smooth system. This is the reason why each and every document you create in Rentman will have a number. These numbers can be set up by you so they follow the logic of your series and the way you keep track of your documents.

3 - Go to settings Configuration > Settings > Number series. Set up the number series following the pattern of your choice.

If for quotation, you enter the number 2020-001, the next quotation generated will have the number 2020-002.

The skeleton of the documents

Document templates tell Rentman which data needs to be pulled for a given document. It sounds obscure right now, but we will work on that later in Documents & Communication - Level 1. For now, I just want to show you where these templates are located.

4 - Go to settings Configuration > Customer communication > Document templates. Have a look at the list of templates. This will give you an idea of the variety of documents you can create from Rentman. Click on "Template library" to see all the templates we already have in the system, in all the languages possible.

The letterhead

How-to: Letterhead: add your company logo and information to documents

The template is the skeleton of the document but the letterhead will be the size and the background of your documents.

3 - Go to to settings Configuration > Customer Communication > Letterhead. Upload your own design.

Your design needs to be made outside of Rentman and uploaded as a pdf. If the pdf is too heavy, do not hesitate to compress it and it will work like a charm.

4 - Set up the margins.

This is the space that will be blank around the document. For example, if your logo is 2 cm big in the top left corner of your letterhead, you can set the top margin to 2,5 cm to make sure no text will overlap.

Congratulations on getting so far! This means that your account is now all set up and you can start working with Rentman. Project Management - Level 1 is now waiting for you. Would you dare rise up to the challenge?


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