Rentman Academy - Add your crew members and vehicles to your Rentman account

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Hi there, good to see you again. You need Rentman to help you manage your crew and transport and that is exactly what we are going to do today. But first things first, you need to add your crew members and transport to your Rentman account before you start planning them.

If you are lost or stuck at a point in the process, do not hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.


How can I invite my crew members into Rentman?

You have a team working with you, whether they are employers or freelancers, and they will need to use Rentman as well. They will have their own profile and their own access to the software but, as a power user, you decide what they can see and do.

Organize your teams

How-to : Create and edit your folder structure

1 - Create a folder Folder structure showing the different categories of teammates you have in the group Crew members module. Do the same for your vehicles in the local_shipping Vehicles module.

Here is an example of a structure you could create: 


Add your crew members

Now that the organization is all set up, you have two options. Choose one of the following options:

Manually invite your crew members

How-to: Adding crew members

You want to start filling in the data of your crew but you are not sure how to proceed yet. And that’s normal, we are just at the beginning. This means that you will start by adding your crew members and vehicles manually, just to have to first get a grip on the process.

2 - Select the first folder you want to fill in with a new person by clicking on the folders' dropdown. Then, click on add_circle   Add crew member

3 - Fill in all the necessary information

You need to create a username for your crew members. This will be the username they will use to have access to their workspace. This can be edited later on if you like. The password can also be edited as much as you want until they create their profile. Then, their own password will overwrite the one you created for them.

It is all explained here: Manage your Rentman profile and workspaces (company accounts)

4 - Go to the local_shipping Vehicles module and create at least one vehicle by using the exact same method.

How-to: Adding vehicles

Import your crew members

How-to: Import your crew members

You have quite a big crew to invite into Rentman and you want to go fast. You prefer to see everyone starting to work on Rentman ASAP instead of spending too much time setting everything up. Perfect, Rentman is meant to help you save time, and we can’t wait to hear about your workflow!

2 - Go to your Excel file and prepare it as much as you can. Make sure that:

  • All your crew members are in rows and the different pieces of information about them are split into different columns
  • You have a column called “Folder” or “folder structure” with the folder in which the item should be.
  • You have less than 68 columns
  • The document does not contain several sheets or any formula.

3 - Click on the 3 dots more_vert next to add_circle   Add crew member and either upload or drag your import .xlsx sheet. Fill everything in and import your crew into Rentman by following the instructions on the screen.
4 - Go to the local_shipping Vehicles module and import the data from your transports by using the exact same method.

How-to: Import your vehicles

Label your crew

How-to : Using tags

You now have your team all created in Rentman. However, even though they are organized in different folders, you may want to filter them easily or add extra information.

5 - Select at least one crew member and add a label tag.

The tags are very useful to indicate the skills of your team. For example, you can create a tag for audio technicians, for light technicians, for stagehands etc. or even for the language your crew members speak.

6 - Click on the label tag (or one of the tags) that you have just created from the tags dropdown list. It should be located on the top-right corner of your window. What happens?

The rights and permissions of your crew members

Depending on their job, their tasks or their responsibilities, your crew members are not allowed to have access to certain information in your Rentman account. For example, your freelancers won’t have access to the invoices but your account manager will, that is part of their responsibilities. You are the one granting them these access thanks to the user roles.

How-to: Setting up user roles

7 - Go to settings Configuration > Account > User roles and check the user roles that already exist. Edit one, for example, the freelancer user role, and have a look at the permissions it grants. Now, go check another user role. Can you spot what the differences?

8 - Go back to the freelancer user role. If your freelancers should have more rights, select them. If they should have less, deselect the ones that you want to delete from their role.

9 - Go back to the group Crew members module., select one of your freelancers and, in the login information part, select the freelancer user role.

It can seem pretty unclear so you could create a “test” crew member and assign them one of the user roles; freelancer, for example. Log in with that test user role, as if you were that crew member, and have a look at their access. This allows you to know for sure what your crew members can and can’t access.

How can my team manage their time?

Now that your crew members are all in Rentman, you can share their username and password with them, so they can log in. You now need a tool that will show you how to manage your time and what your team is working on. You also probably want to know when they are (un)available.

Everybody has access to their schedule

How-to: The My schedule module

10 - Go to the event My schedule module. As you did not start planning projects yet, you should not see much on this page. We will come back to this later. For now, click on Planning and type the name of another crew member. You now have access to their schedule.

11 - You know that this crew member is definitely available for an entire month, 2 weeks from now. Click on that date and select Available. Select a time and save. The day is now green. This means that this crew member is available if you need to schedule them on a function. Let’s have a look at that later.

More about availability here: Enter and view your crew availability

12 - Go back to your own schedule and select a day on which you have an appointment. Or maybe a holiday. No matter the reason, you know you are not available and you want to make sure nobody can schedule you on that day. Click on appointment and fill in the information. Save. It shows up in your schedule now.

Well done, you are pretty much all set here! Your team looks great and ready to get to work. You can now start implementing another part of your software such as your Inventory, your Warehouse or your financial information if you did not do it already.

Otherwise, you can start implementing your documents and communication before accessing Level 1!

If you have any further questions or some feedback, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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