Rentman Academy - Plan your crew and vehicles on projects

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Hello, and welcome back! Now that we have all functions scheduled, it would be nice to know who will do what. Let’s start planning.

If you get lost or stuck at some point in the process, please don’t hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.


The availability of your crew

How-to: The account_circle Crew planner module

The Crew planner is the perfect planning tool. There you will see the list of your crew, their availability, and the list of projects.

1 - Go to the account_circle Crew planner module. Unfold the drop down list of functions for the project we have created together. If it’s not done yet, click watch_later Open timeline.

You now have everything set up to instantly check all the information you need. For starters, all unplanned functions are in red.

2 - Select one function.

You should see that the crew member you have previously indicated as available in “Crew planning - Implementation” shows up in green.

3 - Select that crew member.

Their availability should appear in the timeline. Looks perfect, this crew member would be a great fit for this function. It’s time to invite them.

4 - Keep both the crew member and the function selected. Click on the More options more_vert button and invite your crew member. Choose the invitation you want.

For another function, you do not want to invite the crew member. You want to directly schedule them. The issue is that you hesitate between two crew members. Both would be perfect but you need to wait because one of them may work on another project at the same time if it gets confirmed.

5 - Switch the visibility to invisible. Select the function and double-click on the two crew members you foresee for this function.

You see that the function is not green because it is not fully assigned yet.

Functions edited

It can happen that the plan changes. In fact, it’s quite common. For this planning, you realize that one of the functions is indeed scheduled but the crew member will need to arrive 1 hour in advance.

6 - Drag and drop the left side of the function to one hour earlier. Go back to the Crew and transport tab in the project. Do you see that the edited function is now highlighted in blue?


7 - Once you are there, you want to modify the time of another function. Make your desired changes and go back to the account_circle Crew planner module. Do you see the orange dot? Right-click and click "Show changes".

Alright, the other project is not confirmed so your preferred crew member for the earlier function is available.

8 - Delete one of the crew members you have assigned “invisibly” on the function and set that function to visible.

9 - There are other functions to fill in so practice by inviting other crew members until all functions are green.

The transport schedule

We have focused thus far on scheduling crew members but you also need to schedule your vehicles. Which one will haul your 30m3 of gear, the Renault Master or the Peugeot Boxer? As you have now mastered the Crew planner, you want to try scheduling them from the Planning tab in the project.

10 - Go back to the project, to transport planning. You will find the list of vehicles and the list of functions. No need to invite anyone here, simply assign a vehicle to a function.

You are now quite satisfied with your schedule. You trust your crew and you know they are going to do an amazing job. It is now time to share the planning with them.

11 - Send the schedule.

How-to: Communicate the crew planning

Your crew should now be ready to work as they now have a clear idea of what is expected from them, along with when and where they are expected. Now it’s time to dig deeper into functionalities of Rentman. You can learn more about planning your equipment, booking the equipment, or invoicing if it is not done yet. If you have completed Level 1 of all your modules, it’s now time to have a look at the Documents & Communication - Level 1 before moving up to level 2!

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