Rentman Academy - Book equipment by using the Warehouse module

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Welcome back! After implementing the QR codes in Warehousing - Implementation, it is now time to use them.

If you get lost or stuck at some point in the process, please don't hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.


We will keep using the same project as before so you have an idea of the different stages. The event is nearly there so it’s time to start packing the equipment.

The different steps of the group_work Warehouse module

How-to: The group_work Warehouse module

1 - Go back to the project and change the status to confirmed. Then, go to the Warehouse and look for your project. Do you see it? Do you see the note from the project?

You are fully ready to book your items but don’t know where to start. The items are everywhere and you don’t want to go back and forth between the shelves of your Warehouse and the computer.

2 - See the name of your project? Great, click print "Create Document". In the layout section, you will be able to select the document template and the letterhead. Generate a packing slip.

Now you are ready. For real. You have your packing slip in one hand and your scanner in the other.

Did you know you can also scan with the Rentman Mobile app? Have a look at the Scanner options in Rentman

3 - Click on "Book" start. As you do not want to go back and forth in the warehouse for nothing, you would like to group the item according to their location in the warehouse. This is only possible if you have entered information in the field: "Location in warehouse".



You have a choice to make, though. Do you first collect all your items in the prepped zone of the warehouse before loading the truck or do you take them straight from the shelves to the vehicle?

4 - Make a choice between "Warehouse to prepped" or "Warehouse to location". You can start booking equipment now by scanning the QR code or manually if you decide not to use QR codes.

Optional - 4b - If you are using the QR codes, make sure that you scan the QR codes of the serial numbers when it is relevant.

How-to: Booking and scanning in the browser

You have a look at the list of equipment and realize that you forgot to plan an important item.

5 - Enter an additional piece of equipment. Search for one of your items in the list by using the first 3 letters.



6 - You get the process. The truck is ready to go now. Make sure all the equipment is booked to "On location". You can change the status.

7 - Go back to the Warehouse overview. Do you see that your status is in another column now?

8 - Go back to your project. Do you see that the status has changed?

Your crew and equipment are on the way, you will probably join them later to the location of the event. For now, you deserve a small break.

After this break, it will be time to dig deeper into the functionalities of Rentman. You can learn more about planning your crew, planning your equipment, or invoicing if you haven't already. If you have completed Level 1 of all your modules, it is now time to have a look at Documents and Communication - Level 1 before moving up to level 2!

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