Rentman Academy - Create or use QR codes with your equipment

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You want Rentman to help you organize the workflow of your warehouse and that’s exactly what Rentman will do for you. If you want to manage the equipment going in and out your warehouse, the most efficient way is to use QR codes that you can simply scan.

If you are lost or stuck at a point in the process, do not hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.


The miracle of QR codes

How-to: Set up QR codes and barcodes
All equipment has a QR code automatically generated by Rentman. However, it is possible to edit it and input a QR code of your choice.

1 - Select an item in the category Equipment module and edit it. The QR code is on the Data page. You can add another one or edit the existing one.

It is possible to import the QR codes of your items by adding a column QR code to your .xlsx import file. If you do not know what it is, have a look at the guide Inventory - Implementation.

The QR code mentioned above is general for that item. Let’s take the example of the 3 CDJ2000s I have in my database. If I scan the QR code in the Data page, it will book one of the 3 without distinguishing the serial number.

2 - Go to the serial number tab of your item and either create a serial number or edit an existing one. Scroll down, you should see another QR code. You can edit it if you want to.

The QR code mentioned now is specific to the serial number. If I take my 3 CDJ2000s again and scan the QR code belonging to one of the serial numbers, only that specific serial number will be booked. This allows a better tracking of my equipment.

3 - Go back to the general overview of the Equipment module. Select one or several items. Then, click on the three dots more_vert and Create document. Select the serial numbers if needed and Generate. It is as simple as that to create QR codes labels in Rentman. You can even print them if you want to. Now, save them to items.

A little extra: location in warehouse

To be sure your items are all set up before you start using the warehouse, it could also be a good idea to indicate where the items are located in the warehouse. Therefore, they will be easier to find when the time comes to prep the equipment to go to the project location.

4 - Edit one or several item(s). In the data page, go to Location in Warehouse and enter the relevant information. We will use it in Level 1 - Warehouse.

This looks all very promising! Your warehouse crew will be faster than ever. You can now start implementing another part of your software such as your Inventory, your Crew planner or your financial information if you did not do it already.

Otherwise, you can start implementing your documents and communication before accessing Level 1!

If you have any further questions or some feedback, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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