Navigating in Rentman is mostly done using your mouse. However, there are also a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can help you to speed up your workflow. Switching between open tabs, open your search field or switching between subprojects are just a few of the possibilities. 


The shortcut list

Of course, it happens that you can forget what all the different keyboard shortcuts were. To get a list of the current possibilities, click on your name in the top right corner and select keyboard Show/hide shortcuts or simply press "shift + ?".



Global shortcuts can be used in any of the pages in Rentman. See all possibilities below.

  • Open shortcut overview
  • Quick availability lookup
    Alt + /
  • Log out
    Alt + shift + L
  • Switch between tabs forward
    Alt + `
  • Switch between tabs backward
    Alt + shift + `



Grid shortcuts can be used in screens where a grid is present, such as the start screen of the category  Equipment module, contact_phone Contacts module and build Repair module.

  • Add new item
    Alt + N
  • Edit selected item(s)
    Alt + E
  • Duplicate selected item
    Alt + D
  • Delete selected item(s)
    Alt + backspace
  • Select all items
    Alt + A
  • Focus on search field
    Alt + F
  • Open timeline
    Alt + ↓ 

Details view

The shortcuts of the details view can be used when editing an equipment item or adding a crew member for example.

  • Navigate to tab
    Alt + number
  • Close / cancel
    Alt + W
  • Save
    Alt + S


To navigate between subprojects, use the following shortcuts:

  • Previous subproject
    Alt + shift +
  • Next subproject
    Alt + shift +  ↓ 

Equipment & Crew and Transport tab

When editing a project in the table_chart Projects module, you can use the following shortcuts in both the Equipment tab and the Crew and Transport tab.

  • Fullscreen toggle
    Alt + enter
  • Plan / add selected item
    Alt + Q
  • Edit group
    Alt + shift + E
  • Duplicate group
    Alt + shift + D
  • Add group
    Alt + G

Equipment tab specific

For the Equipment tab, there are several extra, specific, shortcuts.

  • Copy selected
    Alt + C
  • Paste selected
    Alt + V
  • Update kit prices
    Alt + Z
  • Update equipment data Alt + J
  • Add comment line
    Alt + O
  • Add temporary item
    Alt + T
  • Assign serial numbers
    Alt + U

Crew planner

In the account_circle Crew planner module, you can use special shortcuts to shift a day forward in planning for example.

  • Shift a day backward
    Alt + ,
  • Shift a day forward
    Alt + .
  • Shift a period backward
    Alt + shift + ,
  • Shift a period forward
    Alt + shift + .
  • Zoom in
    Alt + Z
  • Zoom out
    Alt + shift + Z
  • Open legend
    Alt + H
  • Restore function time
    Alt + R
  • Switch visibility for crew member
    Alt + U
  • Set function planning to visible to crew members
    Alt + shift + U
  • Invite selected items
    Alt + shift + Q


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