How do I hide equipment on financial documents?

You can hide equipment from quotations and invoices, while still showing it in your packing slip. This way you can avoid filling your documents with items your clients don't care to know about (e.g. cables). You have 4 options to do this:

  • Hide an equipment group - Double-click on an equipment group name, and select 'No' in the "Show in price calculation" box.
  • Price accessories as 0 - Make sure to setup your templates to hide items with price = 0 (take into account that equipment items discounted 100% will not be shown either).
  • Default behavior for kit/case content - Set up a kit/case so that its content isn't shown in financial documents
  • Override and hide - During document generation, all kit/case content can be hidden (or shown) regardless of the default behavior of the kit/case content.

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