How can I check equipment availability using the timeline?

  1. Go to the Equipment tab of a project or to the category Equipment module.
  2. Select an item/kit/case.
  3. Click the watch_later "Open timeline" icon to view your equipment on the timeline.


The timeline in the Equipment tab of your projects displays inventory data of the selected articles in color coded bars. When hovering over any color coded bar, a note will appear, showing you more in-depth details about the equipment. For a full list of color code meanings, click on the "Legend" button in the upper right of the timeline.

From the top to bottom, the bars in the equipment timeline are:

Equipment name:  This topmost bar displays the amount of an item that is (un)available after planning. Subrentals will also be into account for this quantity. You will see a red bar when you have planned more than you have available.

Warehouse stock: This bar shows you how much of the equipment you have available in your warehouse stock (excluding any subrentals). If equipment is reserved for a project, this number will decrease.

Projects: The projects line shows you all projects on which you have planned the specific equipment within the respective time frame. 

The brown bar is the current open project; the gray bars of various shades and outlines are other projects which the equipment has been planned on. The number in the bar signals the quantity of planned equipment for that project.


Equipment Scheduling Pro

If you subrented this item, this will show in the equipment timeline as a blue bar.

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