How do I enter and view the availability of crew?


Note : You need the Crew Planning plan for that feature


In either the Crew scheduling tab of a project or the account_circle Crew planner module, select a function to see which crew members are available. The availability is shown in the crew column on the left and is indicated by color. Crew members can be displayed in the following colors:

No color: Availability unknown

Green: Available: Crew member can be planned on the function.

Red: Not available: Crew member cannot be planned on the function.


Crew Scheduling Standard

: Invited: Crew member was invited for function or availability was requested -  Has not replied yet.

Enter crew availability

There are three ways to register your crew (and freelancers') availability:

1. Enter your crew availability yourself 

If you know your crew availability, you can enter it yourself on the event My schedule module or the account_circle Crew planner module. To do this:

  1. Select a crew member in the left column.
  2. Open the watch_later timeline.
  3. Click and drag in the timeline (on the same level as the crew member's name) to select a time period.
  4. Select an action in the Action dropdown field.
  5. Click Select

2. Let each crew member enter their own availability

Crew Scheduling Standard

Setting up the correct user rights for your crew, they'll be able to enter their own availability through the event My schedule module.

3. Request availability for the time of a function

Crew Scheduling Standard

If you want to know someone is available for a job - without giving out information about the job - you can request the availability for the time of a function.

Availability timeline

The availability timeline provides you with a more complete overview of the availability, planning, appointments and reservations of one or multiple crew members. You can open and close the timeline by clicking on watch_later Open timeline.

In the crew member column to the left, you can select one or more crew members to display their availability and planning in the timeline. You can also select a function or crew members planned on a function to show in the timeline.

  • In red and green it is indicated in which time period the crew member is available or not.
  • A crew member's scheduled function is shown in blue (visible) or light blue (invisible). 




In the example above this crew member is unavailable on Wednesday, available on Thursday, and on Friday their availability is unknown.

Available or not?

A crew member is shown as (un)available based on several factors. Below we have clarified the different situations.

Not available
- Crew member is already planned on a function with the same or overlapping time periods.
- Crew member has an appointment - Appointment details that he can't work on other functions.
- Crew member has indicated in the schedule that he/she is not available.
- Crew member has replied 'not available' to an invitation.

- Crew member has indicated he/she is available in the schedule.
- Crew member has answered 'available' to an invitation.
- Crew member is reserved for a certain time period (only possible in more comprehensive crew planner).

What happens to the availability when a crew member is partially available/not available?

  • When a crew member is partially not available during the time period of the function he will not be available.
  • When a crew member is partially available during the function period and for the rest of the period his/her availability is unknown he/she will be available.
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