How do I solve equipment shortages?

When you add an equipment item to a project, it is automatically planned on that project. However, if you have planned more of an item than you have in stock, your project will have a shortage of this item. In your availability timeline, a shortage will be marked with a red line.


Item shortage on multiple projects

It may occur that two (or more) projects have a shortage of the same item in the same time period.

For example: You have planned a DJ booth on 2 different projects. If these projects are planned within the same time period, you have planned 2 DJ booths at the same time. If you only have 1 DJ booth in stock, you therefore have a shortage of 1.

In this example, both projects have a shortage of the same item. You can give one of these projects priority for this item. You do this by reserving this equipment item for that project.

Solve shortages (subrenting)

You can solve shortages by adding a subrent.

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