How do I solve equipment shortages?

When you add an equipment item to a project, it is automatically planned on that project. However, if you have planned more of an item than you have in stock, your project will have a shortage of this item. In your availability timeline, a shortage will be marked with a red line.


Item shortage on multiple projects

It may occur that two (or more) projects have a shortage of the same item in the same time period.

For example: You have planned a DJ booth on 2 different projects. If these projects are planned within the same time period, you have planned 2 DJ booths at the same time. If you only have 1 DJ booth in stock, you, therefore, have a shortage of 1.

In this example, both projects have a shortage of the same item. You can give one of these projects priority for this item. You do this by reserving this equipment item for that project.

Solve shortages

To solve your shortages:

  1. Go to the Equipment tab in your project.
  2. Select the equipment with the shortage and click on the More actions more_vert button or right-click on the item.
  3. From the menu that appears, select Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_16.52.03.pngSolve shortage.

You have four options to solve your shortages, by creating alternatives, internal subrents, transfer projects, and external subrents.


You can add an item to plan on projects as an alternative for other equipment. For example, if you have two different speakers that are very similar and canbe used instead of each other, you can set them up as alternatives to one other. 

This article explains how you can set alternatives for your equipment.

Internal Subrents

When you have a shortage for an item and you have the same item available in another warehouse, you can create an internal subrent that allows you to borrow that equipment from another stock location. In an internal subrent, when the project is finished, the equipment goes back to its original stock location. 

Transfer Projects

For solving a shortage, a transfer project is very similar to an internal subrent as it allows you to solve your shortage through the equipment you have in other stock locations. However, in a transfer project, the item will not be back to its original warehouse when the project is finished, it will be transferred to the warehouse/stock location where the project was created from. 

Only users with multiple warehouses Additional warehousecan create transfer projects.

External Subrents

The last way to solve your shortages is to add an external subrent. In the sub-folder Subrentals or in the Equipment tab of a project, you can add a new subrent for the needed equipment items. Your stock is increased for the period of the subrent so that your equipment shortages can be solved.

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