Global profile troubleshooting

The Rentman global profile allows users to log in to all of their workspaces with one login. This article describes how to troubleshoot and solve the most common login issues associated with a new global profile.


How do I know if I or one of my crew members have a global profile?

If you log in through the Google, Facebook, or Apple authentications, you have a global profile. If instead you log in with email and password, there are two places you can check whether you have a global profile or not:

From inside your workspace:

When a crew member is connected to a global profile, a message will appear on the page of that crew member. This can also be the case for the "crew member" you have associated with yourself. To check:

  1. Go to the groupCrew members module.
  2. Double-click on the crew member you want to see this for.
  3. Look in the “Login information” section on the right for the message: "This user is linked to global Rentman profile"


Note: If you are not able to open your own crew member page, you might not have the correct rights according to your user role. Ask the administrators of your workspace to check for you.

From your browser:

The second way to check whether you have a global profile is to try logging in from To check:

  1. Open a new incognito window in your browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Use the username (or email address) and password you always use to log in.

Were you able to log in? If yes, you have a global profile. If you can’t log in, you don’t have one.

I don’t have a global profile - what happens if I create one?

If you create a global profile and connect it to your workspace, the previous username and password (for the crew member) will be overwritten and replaced by your global profile login information. This means that from now on you can only log in using the email address and password of your global profile.

Note: This change is irreversible.

Read this article to connect your global profile to your workspace

I connected the wrong email address (global profile) to my crew member. How can I fix this?

Example: I created a global profile with my personal email address and connected it to the right crew member, but I want to use my work email address instead.

First things first: change your email address. To do so:

  1. If you aren’t logged in, go to and log in with your current details. If you are logged in, click on your (crew member's) name in the top-right corner of the screen and select        exit_to_app "Return to workspaces".
  2. Click on your name in the top-right corner and select settingsSettings.


  3. Change the email address listed in the email field:


  4. Click Save

You will be sent a verification email with a link to confirm the new email address. Once you do so, your new email will be used to log in from now on and will be automatically updated also in your crew member's profile.

Email already in use

It could happen that as you follow step 3 above, you are not able to use your new email address, as you are informed that your email address is already in use. If that is the case, you will be presented with this error message when you click Save:




If this happened to you, the reason is that you already have a global profile created with that email. No need to panic. We can still change which global profile is connected to your workspace.

To do so, we will need the login information for the global profile you wish to change. Let’s use an example:

My crew member in a workspace is connected with a global profile with email I want to change that crew member to instead be connected to However, I cannot simply change the email like described in the section above, because I had already created a global profile with

To be able to “take over” my crew member from and change it to be, I will need to know:

With this information ready, we can proceed to associate our crew member with the right global profile. To do so:

  1. Log in with the global profile you want to use to access your workspace in the future. In the example above, this is


  2. Click Connect workspace
  3. Enter the name of the workspace your crew member is in. You can see what the workspace name is by looking at the URL while you are inside the workspace. This is always:
    Example: in the screenshot below, the workspace name is “axelnew”.


  4. Enter the email address of the global profile you want to take over. In my example above,
  5. Enter the password for
  6. Click Connect Workspace

Your crew member in the workspace will now be connected to the global profile you are logged in with—this means that in the future you will need to log in with the details for that global profile. Still in the example we have been using, my crew member will now be connected to and the related password.

The login that I want to take over has the Google/Facebook/Apple authentication and no password. Now what?

We can still follow the procedure listed in the previous section. The only thing we will need to do is first add a password that we can use in step 5 above. To do so:

  1. Log in with the global profile that has a Google/Facebook/Apple authentication. On the workspace selection screen, click on your name in the top right corner and click on settings Settings.


  2. At the bottom in the "Change password" section, create a password for that global user.

  1. Click Save and log out.
  2. Now log in with the global profile you wish to use with your crew member.
  3. Follow steps 2 to 5 of the previous section.

I tried the procedures above, but I still can’t log in

Not a problem, we can help you. Give us a call, open a chat, or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you.


I accidentally created a global profile - can I delete it?
Unfortunately not, but there are benefits to having a global profile, and besides having an extra way to login, nothing changes for your daily Rentman experience.
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