How to add serial numbers to case content

You can add serial numbers to cases, to keep track of what item is in which case.


Serial numbers for cases

Not only equipment items can have serial numbers, but you can also add serial numbers to cases. Take these steps to assign a serial number to a case: Add your serial number.

Let's say you have a "DJ Booth case". After completing all the steps, you have added a serial number for one specific case. If you have 5 cases in your stock, you could add 4 more serial numbers (for every case one) to distinguish your different "DJ Booth cases". 

Add content for serial numbers in cases

When you did the steps above, you are now able to add specific content for each specific serial number. This can be useful to create a "prime case" for example. Take again your "DJ Booth case". You can fill this case with all the best equipment items, to make sure an important customer has the best experience he could get.

  1. Go to the Serial numbers tab of the case.
  2. Select a case, click the More options more_vert button and select "Assign serial numbers".
  3. Select for each item the correct serial numbers
  4. Confirm
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