Send your documents via email

In Rentman, you can create different documents (quotation, invoice, callsheet, etc.). Once you've created a document you can send it directly from Rentman. In this article we explain how to do this.

Send a document via email

  1. Generate a document
  2. Click on Email  
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  • Subject - the subject of the email
  • Addresses - the email addresses of the recipients. Rentman will suggest you possible addresses based on the contacts involved in the project or document.
  • BCC - Additional recipients that remain invisible to the others.
  • Attachment - Other files you might want to add to the email
  • Message (optional) - A personal message for the email. You can add variables, choose a text template or create a new one.
    Using variables in a message template is useful to make your messages look more personal, without losing time typing. You can always modify a template, and create a new one. Es: 
  1. Click Send email to complete the process.

You can set up the sender address by going to ConfigurationCostumer communicationCommunication.

If your emails are not being delivered, they might be marked as spam. Read our article about spam to find the causes and solutions to this.

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