I am not a power user - what features are available to me?

Non-power users are mainly limited in that they cannot:

  • Create, edit, and delete projects
  • Create, edit, and delete invoices, contracts, and quotations
  • Export invoices, create payment reminders, and change payment statuses
  • Add crew members and edit the crew planner schedule
  • Send crew invites and planning emails
  • Access the settings Configuration module to configure advanced settings in Rentman

Tip: Depending on the permissions assigned, non-power users can potentially view/edit/delete inventory to help with setting up your equipment database.

A non-power user can (again dependent on permissions assigned) have access to the following features:

  • table_chartProjects
    • Access to a list of projects with information in the widgets.
  • eventMy schedule
    • See the planning of other crew members and change your own availability and that of others.
  • group_workWarehouse
    • Add equipment items to a project and set their price.
  • pollStatistics
  • dvr Sent messages
  • buildMaintenance
  • watch_laterTime registration
  • assignment_turned_inTasks 
  • categoryEquipment  
  • contact_phoneContacts
  • groupCrew members
  • local_shippingVehicles
  • Change your user details
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