Return all your equipment with 'Scan Return'

Sometimes all the equipment from multiple projects comes back to your warehouse at the same time. When this happens, you can return your gear quicker by scanning back everything in one go. This way you don't have to open and scan the equipment project-by-project.

How does it work

  1. Make sure you have the rights to access the Warehouse module and connect a scanner to your laptop.
  2. In the Warehouse module, click on the  Scan return  button on the top-right corner.
  3. Start the scanner by clicking on the 'Switch' button.
  4. Scan the bar/QR codes of your equipment.


  5. When you're finished, click on Done on the top right corner.

If you scan back all the items planned on a project, the project will not appear anymore in the 'In location/ or /Delayed' sections of the Warehouse module.

The 'Scan return' option only works with QR/barcodes of serial numbers, not with generic items. This is because it wouldn't be possible to establish on which project was a generic item planned, in case it got lost or damaged.

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