Calculate value of equipment stock

You can calculate the value of your equipment stock by exporting your equipment and making the calculations in Excel or Google Sheets. We advice setting up the individual value of each serial number for more valuable equipment (like mixers or speakers) and general value for more common, cheaper equipment (like cables).

Set up the Current book value of your serial numbers

When you add or edit a serial number, you can set up its Purchase price and the Depreciation per month. Rentman will use these data to calculate the Current book value for each serial number. 

Set up the Book value of items, kits, and cases

When you add or edit an item, kit, or case, you can set up its New price. Rentman will multiply this for the equipment quantity to calculate the Book value.

Set up the New price of each kit as 0 to avoid any mistake in the calculation. In fact, the items inside a kit are also displayed as single items in your Equipment module.

Export your equipment

Once the Book value and Current book value of your equipment are correctly set up, select and export all your equipment in an .xlsx file.

Now calculate the value of your stock by summing the Current book values of your serial numbers, and the Book value of your items and cases that don't have serial numbers.

Rentman tip: When you have all your equipment in the .xlsx file, sort it by the New book value column. By doing this, the rows with serial numbers will be separated by the others, and it will be easier for you to do the calculations. 

Do not include rows with serial numbers in the calculation of the Book value column.


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