Portal: Setting up and using Multiple Equipment Locations (MEL)

Problem: Before multiple equipment locations (MEL), users with equipment in multiple locations were using imperfect workarounds in Rentman to to plan projects and track equipment. These workarounds included tagging, folder structures, or subrenting between multiple workspaces - all of which came with considerable limitations.

Solution: Rentman now allows users to assign (quantities) of equipment to a specific location. Bulk equipment and individual (serialized) equipment can now have quantities split up amongst locations.

This allows for the following:

  • Tracking equipment by stock location. Stock movements of bulk equipment are now tracked on a stock location level. Each serial number is assigned to a stock location. Repair jobs, lost items and inventory counting are tied to that stock location.
  • Planning projects using equipment from a specific stock location. Only the availability of that stock location is considered available for planning.
  • Viewing equipment availability of different stock locations in one timeline

  • Filtering (sub)projects in the Warehouse module
  • Assign stock locations to subrentals. This makes it easier to manage subrentals and shortages per stock location.

Note: MEL does not yet address solving shortages in a project in one stock location by using stock in another stock location. This will be addressed in an upcoming phase of MEL.

Rentman now considers a stock location property for equipment in the following modules:

  • Equipment

  • Projects

  • Maintenance

    • Repairs

    • Inventory counts

    • Lost equipment

  • Warehouse

  • Subrent

    • Shortages

The following articles will help you set up, understand, and get the most out of multiple equipment locations:

  1. Setting up multiple equipment locations
  2. Migrating inventory
  3. Planning projects
  4. Solving shortages
  5. Booking equipment
  6. Maintenance and Inventory counting
  7. Mobile app
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