Training can be scheduled to improve your team’s Rentman knowledge in general or to go more in-depth on specific topics.

How does it work?

Our trainers will assist your team (ideal group size of up to 4) with carefully prepared training programs that are tailored to your needs. As part of the training preparation, you will have a meeting with the trainer, to assess your requirements and goals of the training. Based on this meeting, a training package will be assembled for you and your team.

The training itself consists of a walkthrough of the relevant modules and workflows, as well as small assignments to gather practical experience with Rentman. 

Note: Custom trainings are only available on the newer license. Legacy license training is not available. 

Possible Topics

Note: Due to the way our training is set up, we use an internal training account for presentations and practical exercises. This means that some functionalities might differ from your own workspace, if you use a different license setup (e.g. a legacy license). 

Below, you can find a list of the training program topics we can offer:

  • UI Navigation and Layout of your Rentman Account
  • The Configuration Module
  • Setting up the Financial Elements in Rentman
  • Setting up your Equipment Database (incl. Basic Importing)
  • Setting up your Crew Database (incl. Basic Importing)
  • Understanding stock and shortages
  • Booking Equipment in your Warehouse
  • Creating Dryhire Projects
  • Creating Crew Projects
  • Creating Rental Projects (Crew and Equipment)
  • The Maintenance Module
  • The Crew Planner Module
  • The Financial Overview in Projects
  • Understanding the Document Template Editor

Each topic can take between one and three hours, depending on complexity, amount of practical activities and amount of attendees. Training packages can be booked in time slots of minimum 2 hours*; for each hour, we charge €120 or $150. Extra charges apply for training conducted on-site. A total price estimate can be provided after the initial meeting with the trainer, during which the training goals are set. Fill out this form to receive further information or set up a scoping call, to determine whether training is the right option for you!
*For on-location training sessions, the minimum is 4 hours (in the Netherlands) and 8 hours for abroad travel.

Other Services

Beyond these packages, we can also offer a series of consultative and technical services:

  • General Import training and debugging of your import file
  • Accounting Software Integration (based on supported integrations)
  • Advanced Document Template Training
  • Premium Support - Long term consultative service with your dedicated Customer Success Manager, to ensure you get most value out of your Rentman account.
  • Full Implementation Assistance can be provided with a combination of training sessions and Premium Support services. This way, you ensure that you have all the assistance and knowledge needed, to implement Rentman into your company. Fill out this form for a customized offer.

Online or On-Location

Training methods include:

  • Zoom - Training via Zoom, enabling every attendee to participate from their device.
  • On-site - A Rentman trainer visits your company - this option has limited availability, and it will have an additional cost.
  • At Rentman - Our office is always open! Your team is welcome to come to Utrecht, NL for training

If staff from different departments follow the training, you can also arrange separate training blocks. This way everyone gets information relevant to their role.

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