Training can be scheduled to improve your team’s Rentman knowledge in general or to go more in-depth on specific topics.


Custom Training

Our trainers will assist your team (optimal group size of 4) with carefully prepared training sessions that are tailored to your needs. Training will include a meeting to assess your requirements, a walkthrough of the relevant modules, small assignments to gather practical experience with Rentman and, if interested, a quiz at the end.

Training can be helpful if:

  • You want to implement Rentman as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • You have a large team that needs to be onboarded at the same time
  • Your company uses Rentman in a specific industry or context
  • You're already familiar with Rentman, but want to explore more of the possibilities
  • A new team or colleague will start working with the software

Possible training topics include:

  • General implementation
  • Warehouse management
  • Account/project management
  • Crew planning
  • Interactive training (assignment, knowledge tests, certification)

Training methods include:

  • TeamViewer -  Training via a TeamViewer screen share
  • On-site - A Rentman trainer visits your company
  • At Rentman - Our office is always open! Your team is welcome to come to Utrecht, NL for training

If staff from different departments follow the training, you can also arrange separate training blocks. This way everyone gets information relevant to their role.

Tips to maximize your training

Good preparation is half the job. The more familiar you are with Rentman (our videos offer a great start), the more effective your training will be.

Training packages can be booked in time slots of 4 hours; for each slot, we charge €440 or $530. Extra charges apply for training conducted outside of the Netherlands. Contact our support staff to receive a quotation.

Template creation training

Is the document template editor haunting your dreams? If so, our document template specialist can walk you through what is possible with document templates in Rentman. At the end, you will have created a simple and functional document that is ready to use. To ensure that it's possible to create a document during this workshop, please send us the requirements 5 days before the workshop. After this workshop, you will understand the functionalities of the document template editor. Please note that this workshop is not an advanced course for CSS programming of document templates.

Template creation training is a package of 4-hour training with a one-time rate of €440 or $530.

Import package

To help you properly import contacts, equipment, vehicles ,or crew members to your Rentman database, we offer two meetings of 2 hours each. In the first meeting, we will look over your import file and explain how to best import your equipment according to your needs. You can prepare for the first meeting with a guide that will be sent to you by our import experts. 

In the second meeting, we will review your setup and give tips and tricks:

  • Help setting up the import file;
  • Walkthrough of the importing procedure;
  • Debugging of possible errors in your import file.

Import package training is a package of 4-hour training with a one-time rate of €440 or $530.

Integration walkthrough and troubleshooting

Want to integrate an external program with Rentman but don't know where to start? We can walk you through an integration between Rentman and one of its existing integrations. We will debug the integration if necessary.

Integration walkthrough and troubleshooting is charged on an hourly rate  of €170 or $205.

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