Project requests are used to trigger the creation of a project in Rentman. Project requests can be received in one of two ways:

  • Another Rentman users sent you a subrental request
  • Someone has sent you a project request via the Public API

In both cases, you will be notified in your Rentman workspace.


Receive a project request

When a project request is received, you will be notified in three different ways:

  1. E-mail notification is sent to all account managers of the Rentman account of the supplier.
  2. On the dashboard, a new "project request" will be shown.
  3. The notification button will give you a sign: mceclip0.png

Click on one of these notifications to directly go to the project request. In the project request list, each project is waiting for your rejection or approval. In case of approval, the request is turned into a normal project with the following steps.

Turn a request into a project

Open the project request by going to the subfolder Rental requests under the table_chart Projects module or by clicking on one of the three options described above. Received projects can be either declined or further processed and turned into a project. To turn a request into a project there are three basic steps.


Step 1 - Check details

Get an overview of the received project and the suggested price. Click on  Continue  to turn the request into a project. 

Note: When you reject a project request the requester (account manager of the subrent) will receive an e-mail that the project request is rejected.

Step 2 - Connect location and client

This is necessary since the database of the requester and the supplier are separated and contacts can be named differently.

  1. Choose the suggested contact or search or add another contact to your database.
  2. Click on  Continue  when the customer is correctly connected.

Step 3 - Link equipment

After connecting the suggested contact to the one in your database the same needs to happen to the equipment. Rentman suggests equipment from your database to match it with the requested. Furthermore, you need to decide if you agree on the suggested price or let Rentman calculate a price based on your database.

  1. Choose between these two options:

    - "Calculate equipment prices based on your own prices" to propose your own price.
    - "Adopt equipment prices from the applicant" to accept the requested price.

  2. Match all requested equipment with your database. If the suggestion doesn't match with your database, the item can be changed/edited to the item of your choice.

    Change the amount: This is helpful when working with virtual combinations or physical combinations which contain the requested item multiple times.

    Save match: To keep the specific item linked to one of the requesters. The next time the requester will request this item, Rentman will suggest the same item.

  3. Click on  Create project  to generate a project in your Rentman account.

After turning the request into a project, the flow is not different from the normal project flow. The supplier creates a quotation and sends this quotation by email to the requester.

Reject a project request

Project requests can be rejected at any point before creating the project. Open the rental request and click in the top left corner on Decline rental request to dismiss the project request. When you reject a project request, the requester (account manager of the requested subrent) will receive an e-mail that the project request has been rejected.

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