Immutable invoices

The Immutable Invoices feature allows you to finalize invoices before sending them to customers and ensures that no invoices can be modified or deleted from your account. This was implemented in order to be compliant with the laws in some countries.


Finalizing an invoice:

Once your invoice has been generated and is ready to be sent, click on Finalize to regenerate an invoice without the Preview watermark and have the option to email or download the invoice. 

Note: Once an invoice has been finalized, it is not editable nor deletable anymore. Make sure that your invoice is correct before finalizing it. If it has been finalized by accident, you can create a credit note.

Non-finalized invoices can still be edited by clicking the edit edit button, as well as duplicated by clicking the file_copy duplicate button.

Setting up a separate number series for credit notes

  1. Go to your settings Configuration module.

  2. Under settings, click on Number series.
  3. Scroll down and click on add add number series under Number series invoices/credit note.
  4. Assign the new number series as default in (all) project types in your settings Configuration module.

Create a credit note for a wrongly created invoice:

If you happen to accidentally finalize your invoice, but your invoice is not correct, we strongly advise creating a credit note. That way, you can still correct the final price of an invoice. Read this article to create a credit note.


Can I still export my invoices to my accounting software without having to finalize them?
While this feature is activated on your account, no invoices can be exported from Rentman without the watermark unless they have been finalized. 
I don't want this feature, how do I disable it?
If you wish to disable immutable invoices on your workspace, reach out to, as our agents would be happy to help. Changes can only be made once. Please note however that Rentman is not liable in case you decide to remove this feature from your account.
I don't have this feature on my account, but I'd like to start using it.
If you wish to enable immutable invoices on your workspace, reach out to, our agents would be happy to help. Changes can only be made once.
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